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15 November 1988 – “The Palestinian Declaration of Independence”
On 15 November 1988, at the 19th PNC meetings at Algiers the PLO unilaterally proclaimed the establishment of an independent state called the state of Palestine. The chief drafter of the document was Mahmoud Darwish. In this historic document the PLO reversed its position on UNGA resolution 181, and accepted the two-state solution. It remains one of the clearest statements regarding the nature and character of the Palestinian state and holds particular importance in terms of its Abrahamic attitude towards co-existence with the Jewish people.

January 2001 – “The Moratinos Document”
This non-paper was prepared by the European Union Specal Representative to the Middle East Peace Process, Ambassador Miguel Moratinos. Although the paper has no official status, it has been acknowledged by the parties as a fair description of the negotiations on the permanent status issues at the Taba during January 2001.

28 March 2002 – “The Arab Peace Initiative”
In the Winter of 2002 Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia began promoting a Arab Peace Plan that became known as the Arab Peace Initiative. It was formally issued on 28 March 2002 as the Arab League Beirut Declaration.

5 April 2002 – “Bush’s Mideast Opportunity” – The New York Times
Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami analyzes the potential for moving forward in the current situation. He believes that only the international community under assertive and resolute American leadership can get Israelis and Palestinians to reach a final-status peace settlement.

10 May 2002 – “Give Us An Alternative” – Guardian Unlimited
Menachem Klein, an adviser to former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, asks what can western governments that value peace do in the current situation? Present an alternative to Israelis and Palestinians! They can tell the two peoples and leaderships: these are our principles for a settlement. Both peoples need a clear alternative that has broad international support.

12 June 2002 – “The Palestinian Peace Initiative”
On 12 June 2002 Nabil Shaath, the Palestinian Minister of Planning and Cooperation and senior adviser to Yasser Arafat, presented the Bush Administration with the Palestinian vision for the outcome of permanent status negotiations.

16 July 2002 – “Middle East Endgame: A Comprehensive Proposal for an Arab-Israeli Peace Settlement”
The International Crisis Group (ICG) simultaneously released three major reports calling on the U.S. to lead the ‘Quartet’ (U.S., EU, Russia and UN) in presenting and pushing a comprehensive peace initiative to achieve once and for all, a fair and durable peace between Israel and its Arab neighbours. Robert Malley, who was Special Assistant to President Clinton for Arab-Israeli Affairs on the National Security Council, now serves as Middle East Program Director at ICG.

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