Palestinian Statehood Archives

January 1989 – Creating the Palestinian State: A Strategy for Peace by Jerome M. Segal – Reviews
Jerome Segal’s book, published in 1989, remains a seminal text on this topic. It explores both the strategic level of statehood and its macro-level political, economic and cultural implications as well as its micro-level meaning for the daily lives of Palestinians and Israelis.

Spring 2004 – “How Terrorist Infrastructure ‘Dismantles'” – Various American Jewish Newspapers
The acceptance, last year, by both Israel and the Palestinians of President Bush’s multi-phased “Roadmap” for achieving an end to the conflict, re-opened the possibility of negotiations on the key issues in the conflict. The negotiations were scheduled for Phase III of the plan. Before they would occur, however, the pre-conditions of Phase I had to be met. …

31 May 2004 – “Reflections on a Strategy for Independence” – Al-Quds
Between 1975 and 1988, American diplomats, by American law, were prevented from contact with representatives of the PLO. Today, American diplomats, directed by President Bush, refuse any contact with PLO Chairman Arafat. …

15 November 2007 – “The Missed Opportunity” – Ha’aretz
The Palestinian Declaration of Independence was issued in 1988 as part of a Palestinian peace initiative and was a remarkable opportunity to bring the conflict to a close. It remains a foundational Palestinian document and is one of the few texts that truly addresses basic questions about the nature and character of the future Palestinian state.

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