Support JPL – Empower Peacemaking

We need your financial contributions to sustain our peacemaking efforts. For details on how JPL takes the lead on peacemaking, and in what way peace will be promoted through your support, click HERE.

If you are of average means, please consider supporting us with an annual contribution of $100.

You may send in a contribution directly to our office at:

Jewish Peace Lobby
P.O. Box 7778
Silver Spring, MD 20907

Alternatively, you may also make a credit card (Visa, American Express, or MasterCard) donation through this secure online mechanism. If you do decide to make an online contribution, please note that PayPal will provide us with your shipping address so that we can send you JPL mailings and publications.

Donations to JPL are not tax-deductible

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  • Support JPL: Empower Peacemaking

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